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Run 1920
****Johnny Bravo Birthday Hash****
Date: Monday April 24th, 2017@ 5:15 
Hares: White Chocolate, Just Zaaki, 

Location: Camp David's Pub, behind Police Headquarters

Directions: From Ring Road Exit onto Josif Broz Tito Road. Take first left onto  Myohaung Street.  The next junction will make you turn right.  Camp David is at your immediate left and opposite Japan Embassy.  Keep eyes open for HHH signs. On on!

Coordinates: 5.572495, -0.186984

Ghana Fact of the Week: Several major civilizations flourished in the general region of what is now Ghana.



Do your patriotic duty as a hasher and volunteer as a hare to set a trail!  

Contact Trailmaster Muffmask at josh.heikkila@gmail.com 
or Fuzzy Wuzzy at bnka560@yahoo.com


Accra H3 runs every Monday and occasionally on weekends.

Reminder: All regular Monday runs start promptly at 5:15 pm!