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Run 1951

Date: Monday November 20th, 2017 @ 5:15 pm
Hares: Don't Waste My Time, Highland Fling

Location: Eyes Right Bar, Osu
Directions: At Danquah Circle, take Oxford street into Osu. You will pass six streets on your left.   Eyes Right will be before and next to Chicken Republic on your left.  (Is also across the street from Shell.)  Keep your eyes open for signs and Obronis.  On on!

Coordinates: 5.5585067, -0.1821995

Ghana Fact of the Week:  Ghanaians are made up of many ethnic groups. Some of these groups include the Akans, Mole- Dagbon, Ewes, and the Ga- Adangbes just to name a few, with the Akans being the majority.



Do your patriotic duty as a hasher and volunteer as a hare to set a trail!  

Contact Trailmaster Muffmask at josh.heikkila@gmail.com 
or Fuzzy Wuzzy at bnka560@yahoo.com


Accra H3 runs every Monday and occasionally on weekends.

Reminder: All regular Monday runs start promptly at 5:15 pm!